Aggregate Gates

                          Overbite Gate Assembly
                          Overbite Gate Parts
                          Overbite Gate Parts (Continued)
                          Double Clam Gates
                          Double Clam Gate Pin
                          Nylatron? Bushing
                          Batchmaster Gate Assembly
                          Batchmaster Gate Plate with Pins
                          Batchmaster Gate Plate without Pins
                          Batchmaster Gate Mount Pin
                          Batchmaster Gate Gear
                          Batchmaster Gate Connecting Lug
                          Batchmaster Gate Cylinder Lug
                          Batchmaster Aggregate Bin Gate Arm Mounting Plate
                          Aggregate Batcher Clam Bushing
                          Nylatron? Bushing
                          Aggregate Bin Gate Lug
                          Clam Gate Cylinder Mount
                          Bin Mount, Rear Cylinder
                          Aggregate Bin Side Panel Hinge
                          Remote Central Grease System
                          5/16” O.D. Grease Hose
                          1/4” Neptune? Hose
                          1/4” Nylaflow? Hose
                          Duff-Norton? Actuator

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