Gate Valves and Actuators

                          Bray Standard Valves
                          Bray Lugged Valve
                          Bray Butterfly Valve, Slide Gate, Cylinder & Arms
                          Bray Butterfly Valve, Cylinder & Arms
                          Bray Cylinder Arms 6"
                          Bray Cylinder Arms 10" Hvy Duty (3/4" Clevis End)
                          Bray? Cylinder Arms 12” Heavy Duty (3/4” Clevis End)
                          Bray? Butterfly & Actuator Standard Valves
                          Bray? Butterfly & Actuator Lugged Valves
                          Bray? Butterfly, Actuator, & Solenoid Valve
                          Bray Actuator
                          Bray? Versa? Solenoid Valve
                          Bray? Adapter Kits
                          Bray Actuator Repair Kit
                          Keystone? Valve
                          Keystone? Actuators & Solenoids
                          Keystone? Cylinder Arms 6"
                          Keystone? Cylinder Arms 10” Standard (7/16” Clevis End)
                          Keystone? Cylinder Arms 10” Heavy Duty
                          Keystone? Cylinder Arms 12” Standard (7/16” Clevis End)
                          Keystone? Cylinder Arms 12” Heavy Duty (3/4” Clevis End)
                          Weco? Valves 2"-8"
                          Weco? Valves 10"-18"
                          Weco? Actuators
                          Weco? Actuators Repair Kit 2"-6"
                          Weco? Actuators Repair Kit 10"-18"
                          Centerline? Valves
                          Flange w/o Shroud Ring
                          Flange with Shroud Ring
                          Plain Valve Flange
                          Boot Flange
                          Emergency Slide Gate
                          Round to Square Transition Flange Weldment
                          Adaptor, Round to Sqaure, with Slide
                          Rotary Silo Valve

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                                                  Second-hand housing






                                                  Second-hand housing